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Volume must be on even number (Insanity #89)

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Title: Volume must be on even number
Description: I have a thing for even numbers in general, actually. But I find that with a large amount of electronic appliances, I have to listen to things with the volume on an even number.
Username: Gabexmosh (1.9)  Sweden
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
11/07/2008 21:43:29 (346)
From: rachel99696
i have exactly the same problem!

22/04/2008 20:49:55 (248)
From: anotherelena
heh. me too

26/03/2008 18:00:39 (213)
From: iloveduckies
I have exactly the same problem as Jimppu - I only like the volume to be ending in 5 or 0

04/02/2008 16:31:05 (165)
From: Syke
I have this same problem..My friend makes fun of me because I'm not happy unless the volume is on an even number. My TV goes to 99...I keep it either around 36,40 or 42.  My car goes up to 50 I try to have it around 28, or 30.  I will settle for 15 or 25 in some cases, but not very often...

26/01/2008 23:20:25 (141)
From: selin
i have the opposite problem...i cant stand odd numbers on electronics all the numbers have to be even our tv doesnt show evens very easily so i have to work a while to find an even number....

03/01/2008 18:20:51 (132)
From: Jimppu
My problem's pretty much the same, the number must end with 5 or 0

15/12/2007 20:25:09 (108)
From: jason
Hi There,

We have our first matching 'insanity.' You'll see that my friend Andy suffers from much the same problem....

Bye for now

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