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Can only wear white socks (Insanity #90)

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Title: Can only wear white socks
Description: I seriously think my feet look off if I'm wearing socks of any other color. Extends also to shoes, although I can get away with it if they're black dress shoes.
Username: Gabexmosh (1.9)  Sweden
1.7/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
17/04/2008 18:24:22 (235)
From: Flashkat
These people are saying about themselves "If you just get to know me, you'll find out I'm just as annoying as my socks".

15/12/2007 20:26:37 (109)
From: jason
I hate novelty socks (you know, ones with your name on or cartoon characters.) I wonder what people are saying about themselves when they wear amusing socks.

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