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Brushing my teeth. (Insanity #99)

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Title: Brushing my teeth.
Description: when i'm brushing my teeth I hum "good morning Baltimore" from Hairspray and brush alternate sides to the beat of eight... ..... this surely is wrong, despite its benefit to my oral hygiene...
Username: Choppy (2.1)  United Kingdom
2.7/5 Sane Insane

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30/01/2008 18:41:27 (159)
From: toti
I do several practical things to the tune of some song too. For example, grinding the coffee beans to the tune of Walzing Mathilda. I think it's a compulsive way of making sure that you are doing whatever it is for the right length of time. But I do something similar in a case where it doesn't make sense at all. When I cross the road, I like to be able to count to the magic number of 12 and one to boot before a car comes by behind me - otherwise I feel as though I have been run over! Weird, or what?

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