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The Profile of Jonzku777 (2)

TitleInsanity IndexEntry DateHitsVotes
Watching Conan O` Brien from TV 1.509/02/200914792
Bought pizza-themed mousemat 1.509/02/200914132
Drinking WARM CocaCola 209/02/200914812
Putting my shoes to wrong legs. 303/02/200914543
Making animal sounds. 2.503/02/200916572
Making these insanityforms somewhy 203/02/200914622
Messengering with my Ex-girlfriend. 1.503/02/200914542
Making schoolproject for teacher. 1.503/02/200913472
I threw my socks to the school hallway 2.503/02/200913242
Playing runescape 203/02/200913822

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